Why an Inspector?

Why an Inspector?

Buying property isn’t like buying most anything else.

For one thing, it doesn’t come with a guaranteed satisfaction or money back offer. This is why you should have an inspection completed by a licensed government inspector. A professional inspector can identify areas of concern or potential problem. Your inspection report will allow you to make informed decisions.

  1. A detailed inspection report can highlight positive aspects of a design and construction, and the potential for remodelling or additions to enhance the value.
  2. Accompanying our inspector on the building inspection provides you with invaluable education and an introduction to the property.
  3. You gain key knowledge about:
    • structural integrity of the property
    • quality of materials and construction used
    • property life expectancy
  1. As a result of an inspection you will:
    • get a comprehensive and thorough inspection report the same day
    • be able to ask any questions you may have and get advice regarding the property
    • know where health and safety hazards exist around the home
    • become aware of major defects with the property prior to purchase
    • become familiar with the construction and mechanical systems of the home
    • know what repairs need immediate attention and should be budgeted for
    • learn how to avoid costly repairs by doing maintenance around the property
    • receive an expert’s advice about the possibility and feasibility of additions and renovations

Cornerstone Building Inspection is a registered government inspector and member of the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia. Learn more about Cornerstone Building Inspectors and our 2012 Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence.

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