The Inspection Report

What’s Covered

What’s Covered

Our reports are created onsite and are available right after the inspection is finished. They are comprehensive and clearly detail the results of the inspection. With the information from the report you will be able to make informed decisions about the home, condo or building you are considering buying. If this is a pre-listing inspection than you will have the information you need to decide what steps you should take before listing the property.

As a registered home inspector we understand how the systems and components found in a home, condo or building function and mature over time. Our responsibility as a trained professional is to take the findings of our inspection and effectively report them to you.

Our reports conform to the HIABC Standards of Practice.

  • Comprehensive 14-part nationally-accepted format.
  • Full written summary.
  • Concise details of who was present and what was discussed at the inspection.
  • Information related to buried oil tanks & soil contamination.
  • Ability to price potential repairs or renovations.
  • All records retained on file for two years.

We are members of the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia and a registered home inspector – CPBC #47141. By hiring a licensed professional you will be benefit from our proven ability, experience and impartiality.

Here is what is covered in a home inspection:

Exterior Interior
  • windows / doors
  • soffits
  • gutters / downspouts
  • stairs / handrails
  • walls / siding
  • roofs / flashings
  • chimneys
  • fireplaces / flues
  • walls
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • general finishes
  • ventilation
Structural Mechanical Systems
  • attic / insulation
  • basement / crawlspace
  • foundation walls
  • load-bearing walls
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • heating
  • air conditioners
  • water heaters
  • appliances
  • garages
  • decks
  • driveways
  • walkways
  • patios
  • porches
  • fences
  • outbuildings
  • retaining walls
  • drain tile systems
  • trees / shrubs
  • buried oil tanks
  • contaminated soil
  • moisture damage / mold
  • pest infiltration
  • hazardous materials

Cornerstone Building Inspectors has been a registered home inspector and member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of BC since 1995.

For more information or to book your inspection call 604-618-6870.


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