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Home Inspections FAQ’s

Home Inspections FAQ’s

Q. What are your qualifications?
A. We are registered members of the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia and licensed home inspector – CPBC #47141. We have been inspecting since 1995.

Q. What about doing the inspection myself?
A. Even if you are the most experienced homeowner, have you inspected hundreds, maybe even thousands of homes?

Q. When do I get a home inspector involved?
A. Usually you make the arrangements for a home inspection after your offered has been accepted. Typically we can do the inspection within a few days.

Q. How much does the home inspection cost?
A.Fees will vary on the size and type of building being inspected and how comprehensive the inspection will be. Visit Services & Fees for more information.

Q. Will you do the repairs or recommend a contractor?
A. No. We are certified home inspector experts. Our job is to identify any possible problems and give advice.

Q. Will we get a written report?
A.Yes. We provide you with a comprehensive report as soon as the inspection is done.

Q. Can a home seller have a home inspection done?
A. Absolutely. In fact, it is a really good idea and may help identify opportunities to increase the overall value of your home.

Q. Can I follow you on the home inspection?
A. Yes. You will receive a play-by-play and much better understanding of the true condition of the home.

Q. Should I buy an older strata unit that has not been rain-screened recently?
A. Yes, not all buildings that have a conventional face-sealed stucco cladding require retrofitting.

Q. What if the building has no overhangs?
A. No reason to not proceed with an offer that is subject to a building inspection.

Q. Will I obtain contents insurance if the electrical contains aluminum wiring?
A.Possibly. Our inspector will evaluate the cost of upgrading to obtain content insurance.

Q. Will your company help me with reviewing the Strata Council minutes and engineers’ recommendations?
A. Yes, we will translate/explain in layperson’s terms.

Q. Can the inspector determine if levies are to be imposed in the near future?
A.Within reason we can evaluate costs to be incurred in the next 5 years.

Q. Will it be possible to conduct alterations within the unit?
A.Yes, as long as Code compliance is maintained and permission is granted by Strata.

Q. Will the inspector allow the Purchaser to accompany him for the complete inspection?
A. Yes, we provide bottled water for the 3 to 4 hour inspection duration!

Q. Can you detect if water ingress has occurred behind bathtub and shower enclosures?
A.Our non-intrusive moisture meter will determine moisture content.

Q. What if high humidity is present within the suite?
A. For health reasons, the relative humidity will be determined.

Q. In the event I have concerns prior to closing, can I contact the inspector?
A. Absolutely – the inspector can be reached personally on his mobile phone between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, 7 days a week.

Q. What insurance coverage is provided by the inspection company?
A. As per the Government’s licensing requirements, Full Errors & Omissions, including personal liability.

Cornerstone Building Inspections has been a registered home inspector and member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of BC since 1995.

For more information or to book your inspection call 604-618-6870.


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