About Cornerstone

Our Work

Our Work

We’ve been inspecting multi-family, single-family and commercial construction since the early 80’s. The strategy adopted by Cornerstone Building Inspection involves a high degree of professionalism and integrity. We act fairly and impartially on behalf of our client in the evolving and fast-changing B.C. market.

As registered members of CAHPI (BC), we meet and exceed Provincial requirements and CAHPI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. We possess strong technical knowledge of building construction.

We aim to assist:

  • Prospective Buyers in deciding upon a proposed purchase.
  • Sellers in protecting against liability and failure to disclose problem areas in the home.
  • Homeowners in effectively maintaining their home investment.
  • Ensure condo buyers are aware of possible risk factors before removing the subjects.
  • Review history and documents pertaining to the property on behalf of the purchaser.
  • Determine if there are potential health issues with the property due to exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Review and identify any signs that may indicate the property has been used as a grow operation.

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